for The Creation of Anne Boleyn

“Discovering the Real Anne Boleyn” on

Susan chats about Anne and Henry’s relationship, and explains why “Boleyniana” will never completely fade away.

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What Did Anne Boleyn Really Look Like?

Susan and Lucy Churchill consider what is known about Anne Boleyn’s appearance in The Huffington Post UK.

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Why You Shouldn’t Believe Everything You’ve Heard About Anne Boleyn

Susan explains why you shouldn’t believe everything you have hear about Anne Boleyn in the UK’s Huffington Post.

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Images from the Huffington Post Slide Show

On May 17th, Susan’s article “8 Anne Boleyn Myths Debunked” appeared in the Huffington Post. Originally, images were supposed to appear with each myth, but difficulties occurred before print time. … Continue reading

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Susan Writes About Anne in the Huffington Post

You can now read Susan’s piece “8 Anne Boleyn Myths Debunked” by clicking on this link or by clicking on the image above.

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Susan’s interview with Sean Moncrieff, the host of the NewsTalk Radio

You can now listen to Susan’s interview with Sean Moncrieff, the host of the NewsTalk Radio show. Click to listen and learn more!

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